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You can find a wide range of Gloxinia Plants on Garden Orchids UK. You can compare offers from Phytesia, Bakker, YouGarden and Van Meuwen. Our orchids are also on Amazon.

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Garden Gloxinia at Bakker

Gloxinia flower care is not too difficult. Place gloxinias in a bright area, out of direct sunlight. A location near a sunny window just outside the reach of the sun’s rays is ideal. Growing gloxinia houseplants thrive in average room temperatures of between 60-75 F. (16-24 C.).

Water gloxinias often enough to keep the soil moist. The leaves develop brown spots if they get wet, so apply the water directly to the soil under the leaves. If allowed to dry out, gloxinias go dormant.

Gloxinia Light Requirements

Gloxinia require very bright, indirect light in order to bloom and do not like intense, direct sunlight. On plant stands I use two fluorescent tubes and place plants 10 to 12 inches from the lights for 14 – 16 hrs. per day. Growing under lights keeps plants from getting “scraggly” or leggy from uneven light conditions and ensures that they receive enough light to bloom freely.

Garden Orchids from Phytesia

Gloxinia Plants & Red Garden Orchid ❀ Cypripedium ventricosum 'red' ✿ Easy Garden
Since 2003, Phytesia provides a wide range of hardy orchids for the garden.

We selected dozens of varieties, providing a wide range of colors, sizes or flowering periods. Moreover, our range is expanding every month and we regularly offer new varieties.

Our offer includes hardy varieties resistant to the strongest winters (-20 ° C to -30 ° C) (Cypripedium, Dactylorhiza, Epipactis, Bletilla …) and semi-hardy varieties supporting light frosts (-10 ° C) ( Calanthe, Pleione …) particularly suited for growing in pots or the Mediterranean climate.

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