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Pineapple Plant at Bakker

Not only is growing pineapples ridiculously easy. Growing pineapple plants is possible just about anywhere in the world!

(That’s because the pineapple plant is one of the few tropical fruits that are really well suited to growing in pots, and that means you can grow pineapples indoors.)

I grow lots of pineapples in my garden. If you plant them in the right spot they need virtually no care whatsoever.

Growing Pineapple Plants Is Easy

Growing pineapples is easy if you get the basics right.

But first of all, here are a few pictures of pineapple plants for those who don’t know what they look like:

Young pineapple plants growing. A mature pineapple plant ready to flower. Growing a pineapple fruit.

The plant on the left is very young, the picture in the middle shows a mature pineapple plant from the top, and the one on the right shows a fruiting plant. (The fruit stem emerges from the middle of the plant, and you get one pineapple per plant.)

How To Grow Pineapple Plants

If you’d like to learn how to grow a pineapple that will yield a sweet-tasting fruit, then you’ve come to the right place. This page is chock full of everything you need to know. But first let me put in a plug for my wife’s photography web site where you can peruse her artwork, and even download a print to put on your wall. Just click on the banner below, or if no banner appears, click here. And if you’d like to support my site, just come back to this page and click on the Amazon link below to make all of your future purchases. Thank you! Now, let’s talk about pineapples!!!

Pineapple is one of the world’s most unique and exotic tropical fruits, yet it is possible to grow it in a temperate zone under controlled conditions; with the most difficult part of the process just getting it rooted. Although you may not be able to grow as large a plant as is grown on a plantation in Hawaii, the following information should enable you to grow a healthy, attractive pineapple for your home. And it makes a fun family project for the kids!

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