Garden Ground Orchids like Epipactis breed in our Lab

At Phytesia, we breed Garden Ground Orchids, 63 different varieties of them. We have been working for 10 years reproducing the rarest Hardy Orchids.

Garden Ground Orchids in our Lab

Range Easy Garden
Color Yellow-orange, Red-purple
Flowering June, July, August
Height 70-100 cm
Exposure Sun, Semi-shade
Hardiness Hardy (-20°C)
Presentation 1 liter container, flowering size plant, 2-3 shoots

The Epipactis Orchids

These terrestrial orchids of essentially European or Asian origin are also some of the hardy orchids that are the most tolerant and the easiest to grow in a garden. When installed, these species can quickly form colonies of several hundreds of plants over a relatively restricted surface.

They will embellish your gardens, with their delicate flower scapes strewn with pretty little flowers (1 cm). You can buy it from our website or on Amazon UK.

Certain varieties (Epipactis palustris) are particularly fond of wet to sodden areas and can be grown at the edges of ponds or bodies of water.
Garden Ground Orchids

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