Apple Trees Apple Falstaff on M26 potted


Falstaff produces very heavy crops of its perfectly round, red-flushed fruit late in the season each year, and they really are some of the scrummiest you will eat! The flavour is not only refreshingly juicy, but also nicely acidic with the perfect amount of sweetness, and the creamy-white flesh is satisfyingly crunchy. They are simply divine when eaten straight from the tree, but they can also be stored easily, and are fantastic when pressed to make zingy home-made apple juice! This relatively new, all-round winner is the perfect apple for gardeners of all abilities it is absolutely effortless to grow, and even the worst gardener can expect to get large quantities of top-quality, incredibly tasty fruits from their tree. Whats more, our trees are supplied on dwarfing rootstock, so they will remain compact you can even grow them in pots on your patio!

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