Hardy Shrubs Double-Flowered Hydrangea ‘Love’ plant 9cm


Everybody loves ‘Love’! This beautiful, subtle and sophisticated Hydrangea was created in Japan by the same breeder of the RHS Chelsea Show winning variety ‘Miss Saori’.
Sharing the beautiful unique double-flowered form, where layer on layer of small petals build up to form huge heads of gorgeous candy pink, fading slowly to a vintage pale pink. Each floret looks like a tightly wrapped rosebud, slowly unfurling to reveal a mass of beauty.
‘Love’ flowers on both old wood, and current years young wood, so you get a repeat-flowering effect, for longer periods of colour, and none of the headaches of knowing what and how hard to prune your Hydrangea.
Perfect in patio pots, ‘Love’ will flower it’s socks off all Summer long, and add interesting Autumn hues as the foliage falls too. A real talking point, bring some ‘Love’ to your garden too!

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